Kurukshetra 2011
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Thanks to all the participants for helping us conduct a successful event. We have tried our best to distribute all the certificates and prize money at the hospitality desk itself  during Kurukshetra. In case you haven't received your certificates or prize money, send in the following details to infodesk@kurukshetra.org.in. You will receive your certificates and Cheque in one week's time.

Required Details

  1. Name
  2. College
  3. Team Name ( Incase of Team Event)
  4. Kurukshetra ID Number
  5. Email ID
  6. Mobile No
  7. Complete Postal Address ( Incase of Team Events,the address can be of anyone in the team )
  8. The Mail Subject should be " EVENT NAME - WINNER/FINALIST/PARTICIPATION "  For example.. Sub: " GOD SPEED - WINNERS" [ If not mentioned your mail will not be considered ]

Certificates and Prize Money will be sent only after complete verification of the details provided.

For any queries mail to


The techno-management fest of CEG, Kurukshetra true to its tagline, "The Battle Of Brains", has become synonymous with the yearly clash of the best of the student world. With around 15,000 participants from over 300 institutions spanning 75 countries, the diverse crowd is one of the factors that make Kurukshetra such a resounding success. Read more..

Prizes worth 1 Million, 15 000 Participants, 40 Events, 1 Electrified City!

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